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Chalk Art by David Zinn

(via medicateddreamers)

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“We are the fall of Rome, all fire and fighting. We collapse into each other like the pieces of the Parthenon, kissing like gladiators, loving like rebuilding”
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Hail All-father, Wise Warrior, One-eyed wanderer, Come sit at my fire. Tell me of your wisdom stories, The scenes your missing eye sees. You who chooses the slain, Look on my deeds and when my time comes To run the sky with you, Let my end be worthy of song. In the meantime, let me feel Excitement and poetry and fury and joy, Let me understand sacrifice, Think long, Remember well, And Journey Far. Odin, Witness this.
(More of my works here:~ Nata’s Art on Facebook~ Natasa Ilincic on Tumblr~ UnripeHamadryad on DeviantArt )
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Wake - A girl and her fears.
Portfolio work, 2013.
by Pete Mohrbacher
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I M 10 • Erik Jones
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Tank Girl by `DanielaUhlig on deviantART 2 days ago / 4 notes
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Illustration by Sandra Chevrier / Tumblr

Part of Gallery1988’s 10-year anniversary show, 'The Subtle Art of Pop Culture', opening Friday April 11th 2014 at Gallery1988 / Tumblr.

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The Insides of Monsters
We never see other people anyway, only the monsters we make of them.